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The function of insole if you think the function of insole is a comfortable cushion, then you will have to adjust to the idea of your insole. Well, in the past, the function of insole is a cushion, but in modern science and technology, a component of the function of insole has been raised to the auxiliary function of the shoes. Modern quality can provide the following functions of insole: 1. feet in the shoes in the shoe bed to prevent sliding inside the shoe is flat, but your feet are not the sole, so when the walk will slip in the shoes, walked every step takes a little more effort, long walk easier to increase the variety of trauma. The use of three-dimensional shape insoles can fill the space between the bed and the soles of shoes, the soles of the feet in the shoes of the lower sliding. 2. to improve support, improve the pace of stability with heel supporting cup insoles can swing along with the reduction of walking, so as to reduce fatigue and reduce the chance of injury. 4. correction of walking and standing posture seems very magical, but thi cheap jordans online s is the orthotic can play the function, there are a lot of people because of natural and other factors, while standing spine and leg is not 100 per cent is vertical, or walk in when walking swaying, long under the skeleton and cause with the help of joint trauma, orthopedic insole can correct posture while standing and walking, thereby reducing the trauma. 1) EVA foam cushion which is derived from the rubber overshoes shoes insole, just use EVA foam cast arc bottom of the foot, in addition to the price is the cheapest and basically what no performance at all, most of the original hiking boots is the use of such insole. 2) tipping back in hundreds of years before Europeans insole has found that tipping is one of good material for making insole. Water has the advantages of light, soft and comfortable, and has natural breathability, and is the biggest advantage will be in accordance with your foot arc automatically adjusted to the most suitable shape, ensure with clothing. The traditional cork insole is natural cork with a knife cut into the soles of Retro jordans for sale the feet of the arc, but the modern way of die casting production has been replaced. But also because it is tipping, in addition to providing support or other aspects of the function and not comfortable; in addition, tipping is not cheap insoles. 001.jpg (42.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload 002.jpg (43.41 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload 003.jpg (40.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload 004.jpg (41.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload 005.jpg (45.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload 006.jpg (38.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-18 01:34 upload reporters learned from the Shenzhen customs, since this year, Shenzhen port shoes exports showed rapid growth. In November, when menstruation, Shenzhe cheap jordans for sale mens n port exports of 190 million pairs of shoes, and last month exports basically flat, for fifth consecutive months higher than last year's 160 million pairs of monthly average export level, an increase of 27.4%. according to Shenzhen customs statistics, in 2009, 1-11 months, by the Shenzhen port export shoes 1 billion 950 million pairs, an increase of 11.7% over the same period last year; worth 4 billion 480 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 8.5%. statistics show that the export mode of Shenzhen port shoes is exported as general mode of trade. 1-11 months this year, by the Shenzhen port, in general trade mode of export shoes 1 billion 610 million pairs, the rapid growth of 19.4%, accounting for the same period Shenzhen port shoes exports 82.6% of the total. In addition, 190 million pairs of imported and exported goods in bonded warehouses were exported, down by 17.9%; 130 million pairs were exported by way of processing trade, down by 11.7%. it is reported that the export of shoes at the Shenzhen port to emerging markets such as ASEAN, Latin America cheap jordan shoes for men and Africa has shown a dramatic increase this year. 1-11 months, by the Shenzhen port exports to ASEAN 400 million pairs of shoes, the rapid growth of 87.5%, so that ASEAN beyond the United States, the European Union jumped to become Shenzhen port shoes export largest market, accounting for 20.5%. Over the same period, 250 million pairs and 220 million pairs were exported to Latin America and Africa, respectively, increasing by 75.7% and 41.1% respectively. In addition, the United States and the European Union exported 340 million pairs and 210 million pairs respectively, down by 12.1% and 7.4% respectively. this year, among the export enterprises of Shenzhen port, the private sector has taken the lead, and the foreign-funded enterprises have increased significantly. In 1-11 this year, private enterprises exported 1 billion 190 million pairs of shoes at Shenzhen port, up 11.1%, accounting for 61%; over the same period, foreign-invested enterprises export 490 million pairs, an increase of 40.9%; while state-owned enterprises export 190 million pairs, down cheap foamposites 23.1%. industry analysts believe that 1-11 months, Shenzhen port shoes export volume rapid growth, mainly attributed to the rapid development of emerging markets and national support policy effectiveness of the increasingly apparent. (Editor: admin)John day before Elliott officially announced Nike teamed up to create exclusive customized version of LeBron Soldier 10, a white shoe body color, with gray ink design decorative collar and dazzling orange from John Elliott first saw LeBron LeBron Soldier 10 Pro wear mood. john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10.jpg (62.14 KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-3.jpg (281.88 KB, download times: 1) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-4.jpg (88.18 KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-1.jpg (61.08 Cheap air jordans for sale KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:26 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-2.jpg (60.75 KB, download times: 1) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:26 2016-11-9 joh0Yeezy after the release of four years is still the focus of attention of the majority of sneakerhead, and any of its beak styles always seems to get extra favor, overwhelmed, different than the air trainer V Cruz a lot of similar elements, only followed by likeness yeezy Nike EnterTainer officially release ruddy double color of the official chart, in addition, shoes is also equipped with air trainer SC II with the same large presented at the end; there is no the two color offering information release, please attention when customer follow-up report. number: 819854-001number: 819854-600source: NIKEin recent years, we can see the sports brand with its star characteristics, will belong to the endorsement of shoes with a new version of the launch, regardless of sport or daily is Retro jordans for sale to survey all shoe collocation can more close to their favorite players. And this time, Adidas also officially launched the leisure function oriented D Rose Lakeshore Boost. first, Lakeshore was named for Chicago Lake Road, along the way can enjoy the famous Lake Michigan and Fengcheng scene. Then, in the exterior, I adopted a fairly minimalist design and added many Derrick Rose personal elements. The whole double highlights in the thick Boost midsole and outsole collocation glue, give comfortable foot feeling. D Rose Lakeshore Boost is expected to be listed on the and Foot Locker related stores at us time 12/1, priced at $130. source: sneakerfilesNew Balance Fresh Foam shoes new, the use of 3D printing technology development in the shock bottom, launched a new lightweight shockproof shoe body VONGO series, GOBI series and off-road suspension shoe body, look forward to continuing to strengthen the stability of support, provide 360 degree shock protection, build to meet the needs of the full range of running shoes. New Balance following the l cheap jordans for sale aunch of Fresh Foam series, in addition to the transfer has been soft feeling, more is committed to enhancing the shoes at the end of the medial stability, with the scientific data precision calculation method, design a better damping effect in the bottom, and the material characteristics of Fresh Foam, through the pressure bump notch more precise design to undertake the shoes in the bottom of each part, in the medial steady elastic support, the lateral soft absorption pressure, provide all-around runner shock protection design in Fresh Foam to break through the traditional bottom integrated to run more smoothly and fast, is the best power in long distance runners. New Balance Fresh Foam VONGO series, the inner side of the sole use meters shaped structure, as the steel structure has excellent support, while the mesh embedded in the convex point elastic structure strengthened after foot and arch stability, prevent running injuries caused by excessive internal rotation, lateral hollow honeycomb type structure with soft cushioning design. Reduce the instantan Cheap air jordan 12 ovo eous pressure by Fantom Fit settled; vamp collocation of lightweight TPU - technology, let feet and shoes are more fit, while avoiding adding shoes too much weight, in addition, the design of breathable mesh cloth shoes make the runner can also feel comfortable breathable, during jogging feet no longer sultry. male price: NT$3850 yuan model: MVNGOWG model: MVNGOBY female price: NT$3750 yuan model: WVNGOSP model: WVNGOBY New Balance Fresh Foam GOBI is designed for off-road runner design, sole hexagon convex design, adapt to every kind of rugged terrain, a honeycomb structure inside and outside at the same time give support and stability of the runner, the shoe body reflective LOGO with security and popularity of the movement of the night. men's price: NT$3650 yuan model: MTGOBIBO model: MTGOBIGG model: MTGOBIBW female price: NT$3550 yuan model: WTGOBING model: WTGOBIGP model: WTGOBIBB recently with a variety of color, the sale of Lebron 10 Lebron 9 for everyone? Concern a lot less, and now released for Nike Lebron 9 Low 112 color, designed by Nike Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping DJ and Clark Kent cooperation 112 series features always popular fluorescent color, and animal skin, burst 3M reflective material, can see in the picture? Nike Lebron 9 Low to these elements can be said after the tide flu is so heavy, but there is no available message also please continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports. source: nicekicks? in the geological prospecting unit last week's shoe visitors, we brought Nike Kobe 10 'Beethoven' out of the box for you the last tour, but in a slightly has been officially confirmed by the NIKE, this version was officially named as "Fundamentals". In the early 1990s than the more conservative, in the shoes of a superb collection of beautiful things in the sea, shoes in the color design is always come back this fancy many, will all return to the most simple and pure appearance, the overall use of simple and elegant tone, only in black and white for the spindle, and a tribute to the basic function of Kobe Bryant solid Italy, people can not help but feel the sports brand in the promotion of shoes at the same time also brought the original move for everyone. In addition, with the introduction of the shoes, NIKE also prepares some matching clothing and socks for fans and friends, so that they can have more choices in their clothes. Overseas is expected to be on sale in May 21st, model 705317-100: $180. source: Nice KicksDamian Lillard this year to celebrate his 26 birthday, in Portland local Crystal Ballroom held his first concert, and invited friends and relatives including fans together to participate in sharing the joy of his feet wearing D Lillard 2 "Tennis Ball" (in fact, there are many versions of Birthday called him full collocation) black clothing is still eye-catching bright spot, afterwards according to his own Twitter in response to ask fans had mentioned this is not the external sale player version, so many fans feel very sorry, but in the earlier Adidas official D Lillard news' Tennis Ball '2 listed, will be on sale in limited the United States on August 30th in thirty-fourth New York Manhattan District Street on the newly opened Foot Locker shop, priced it at $105. and Damian Lillard also mentioned the design inspiration from the color and his childhood playmates for grandma always together backyard tennis for all kinds of sports, will be selected in a special birthday day put on this concept to create the D Lillard 2, it is a good time to get together with him echoing family members. source: adidas / Sneaker News /YouTubeAir Jordan 1 Mid will be sold at a particular store tomorrow. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang 23 source: shoes all kinds of color style, but no matter what is the combination of hot nowadays, in the Jordan Brand world "North Carolina blue" forever has a special charm, as Michael Jordan's alma mater, the University of North Carolina (UNC) basketball team every year can always get some exclusive equipment, and the two day the official also shared Jordan Brand this year to provide new boots to the players, with North Carolina dressed Air XXXI and Jordan Jordan Super.Fly 5 once again let the shoes fans cast envious eyes, the two pairs of players currently only limited, interested researchers may have assumed exploration through special channel to start, or pray the brand put them in commercially available list. source: unc_basketballNike to launch the American football star Calvin Johnson shoes Nike CJ81 Trainer endorsement Max this back to the second generation, with a substantial change in functionality, this will in the end for KD V imaging is Elite? Generally? Zoom Air suspension unit within the shoe design and provide the legs? The comfort and stability of Flywire fly line and strap design, in addition to see this series of successful launch of second Darrelle were Xiaobian think Revis's signature shoes only for the first generation of the second generation is a pity that only appeared after the Sample photo canceled, if can also be listed together may be training shoes the same brand of dragon and tiger fight. news source: footaction?

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