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Jordan brand re create GS size exclusive air jordan 13, black suede shoes body and the tongue matching white fender and in the end, pink dotted in tongue embroidered logo and outsole. This section is now in stores in Europe in Caliroots, 439358-008. we never care about the news, you look at the end, there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, DUNKHOME, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible.Although Mike - Beebe never participated in the Olympic Games, but he represented a member of the United States in 2003. Last year, the United States won only sixth place in the world championships, so they had to compete in the Olympic qualifier for 03 years. Beebe helped the American team in the summer invincible, averaging 4.8 assists. In those games, Beebe wore the Air Jordan IX, a player not to note. The vamp is made of white, the shoe has obvious leather, and the heel and the flying LOGO have red decorat cheap foamposites ions. The heels are stitched with Beebe's No. 10, logo. In the next 03-04 season, Beebe wore another pair of black purple Air Jordan IX PE. 2012-4-25 08:06 upload download attachment (150.2 KB) now see the adidas for Oklahoma thunder team Serge Ibaka to build three thunder color Adidas adiZero Shadow PE. Home court version of white money, shoe body in white color, heel, lining, tongue and laces is blue, and orange bottom. The road version is black, the shoe body with black color, heel, tongue and blue laces, lined with black, with orange bottom. There is also a blue based version, followed by orange, with a large white background. Three PE of the tongue are printed with the word "S-IBAKA" indicates that the identity of the owner of the shoes. Playoff Serge will continue to wear the adiZero Shadow PE debut.? ? ? ? maybe these two days is too hot, in the beginning to see this in blue lines as the th cheap jordans for sale mens eme of the CONVERSE x CLOT TEXMEX PACK, "the tide" is really the first to think of the words in my mind, it makes me feel cool. ?But the design inspiration from the official presentation of view, whether it is shoes or bundled with the launch of the joint coat, printing the theme is "TEXMEX". ? TEXMEX, in short is "Texas & compound Mexico", refers to the U.S. state of Texas and Mexico, the two adjacent, but completely different boundaries. ? although historically, Dezhou has been the territory of Mexico, but at the beginning of nineteenth Century, the United States foreign expansion period, Dezhou for slavery and the intensification of the contradictions and thus independent of Mexico; followed by Dezhou after a series of changes, and finally in 1845 formally independent nations were incorporated into the American identity. ? so, in response to this "New CLOT Age Ethnic (new generation group)" Retro jordans for sale theme, the creative team, also used the carrying the unique historical significance of printing, and supplemented with the printing layer order gradient color, the completion of the joint series. ? Edison Chan himself, also published his "New Age Ethnic" New Age Ethnic theme of the view that we now live in a world of people, different people and different colors are fused together, I am deeply influenced by western culture, but I own Asian people, which makes the two fusion the pluralistic mentality I. We share the same world, the same sun, with a network boundary is the past, the new generation of race is the world in which we live today. ? believes that this is the reason to continue in this cooperation pattern to enable this profound design. ? but incidentally, if you have noticed that Edison brother himself sent micro-blog ? ? you know, actually this series and "water", "common", is indee cheap jordans online d quite close. ? then, let's take a closer look at the joint products. As we did in other special deduction, the joint series includes a housing, reversable hooded jacket and a pair of Windbreaker, the use of " Pharrell Williams Adidas Originals proposal by "Supercolor" series don't open earlier as many as 50 color Superstar shoes, recently in Sydney held a grand press conference. What color like "Supercolor" series inspired by the equality of the concept of diversification, 50 color for a total home at the same time, the conference also released the same theme of clothing items, in addition to shamrocks 7 color and the creation of Pharrell Series logo, interested friends can start to purchase designated stores from the adidas in March 27th.NBA can be said that a variety of brand-name sports shoes pearl distribution center, NBA players, "armed to the teeth" azole their shoes can be seen. Since the NBA e Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping normous influence and radiation, players are competing for the main target of the major sports shoes, the famous sports shoe company such as Nike, Adidas and other brands are in the NBA to find their own voice, as much as possible to compete for share of this market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike sneakers is undoubtedly the field of cellular phones, it said that every four pairs of sports shoes have a pair of Nike manufactured. This season there are about 66% of the players wearing Nike shoes and Nike US headquarters, so they are very focused on sponsorship of NBA players. Nike sport through the penetration, reaching their business objectives. Nike is closely related to the rise in the United States and the world and Jordan. When Jordan entered the NBA and not somewhere, but Nike to see his great potential, and he signed a five-year sponsorship contract, and launched a series of shoe while RIR. Th Cheap air jordan 12 ovo us, just by 10 years of Nike Jordan this vector was a great success, and Jordan also made a lot of money every year from Nike sponsorship, became the highest paid sports stars. After Jordan retired, Nike found Shaquille O'Neal as the "ambassador." February 1 this year, Nike introduced the newest RIR & nbsp; TOTAL & nbsp; MAX II, spokesperson Nuggets McDyess. The shoes are made of high quality full-grain leather uppers and wear of artificial tanning composition, with a synthetic mesh material stitching, breathable very good. Lining under the upper bunk of high density foam and very comfortable. Style design on the ankle boots have a very good protection. Shoe outsole design is streamlined pattern design, two rubber front and heel inside often used interchangeably, strengthen the capacity of non-slip shoes. AIR & nbsp; BP this year, Nike's new generation of three generations of technology breakthrough produc cheap jordan shoes for men ts, Sonics Payton is one of its spokesmen. At this year's All-Star Game for the first time Peyton new shoes to wear this pair of appearances. Shoe uppers by the mesh material, artificial tanning and translucent fabric composition, which built a device to prevent ankle injuries, is said to guard especially for lightweight to wear. According to a poll showed that Carter is the most popular players, but also the most likely to take over the mantle of Jordan. Nike's PR is very home. They recruited to the current popularity is very busy Carter signing as their players, so Carter and Puma early termination. Two years ago, little-known Jimmy Carter wrote with Puma AG signed a five-year contract worth $ 1,000,000. But after Carter wanted to fly wings hard, and he tried to larger companies contracted, resulting in higher sponsorship fees. He also hoped that Puma changes and his cooperation, to produce the same bran cheap jordans for sale d like Jordan with his image as a brand of athletic shoes, but contrary to the original contract. Message from the Puma site's home page, said the court's ruling only requires compensation to $ 13.5 million due to breach of contract, plus the assumption of one million US dollars of legal costs, the company also prohibits Wear a competitor's product in the next three years. This is a very public matter, Carter's agent, Scott said, they do everything full of flexibility, just trying to find a organ of choice. But there is news that Carter and sportswear giant Nike has reached an agreement, the two sides signed a six-year contract, involving an amount of up to thirty million US dollars. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to Carter, and looked sogne, playing very real Duncan also incurred under Nike. Suns Kidd and Nike contract. Pacers Best Nike's considered "small voice" of. Best year away from Nik Retro jordans for sale e $ 50,000 sponsorship fee, and can get $ 7,500 worth of Nike products every year, and Best to do is wear Nike shoes, he obtained Best-mouth & nbsp; to relatives Friends, can be considered to do the "soft advertising." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas: hot pursuit & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as another major sports sponsor of the adidas Group would not want to wallow in people after them through some other star, Nike has increased its comeback. Adidas is a German-based company chaired by Mr. Bradley Fuss, who is also chairman of the club Marseille. Adidas is the biggest names in world sport, with Spain's Real Madrid and Italy's AC Milan, Argentina's River Plate and other big team jersey naming rights. In 1999, Adidas just sell printed with marked French world champion jersey reached 350,000, only $ 15 million revenue this one. Under Bradley Fuss initiative, Adidas increased investment in the Cheap air jordans for sale NBA. Nike created when nearby objects Lakers Shaquille O'Neal as a sponsor, Adidas, doing my part to choose as a spokesperson Bryant, Bryant shot by the advertisement broadcast in many countries of the world. Bryant recently wearing a "Kobe" section of Adidas shoes. It is said that this shoe is all there is innovative, the most sharp face German automotive design concepts into one, will find fine arts and unique style together. November 1999, Bryant participated in the shoe selection process to finalize the four colors of black and white silver yellow, and try & nbsp; custom-made shoes for the team. Bryant this season when playing at home in, he wore white shoes with yellow jersey; when away from home, he would wear black shoes with colored road uniforms basket; and in this year's All-Star Game, he wearing yellow shoes that ride in battle, very conspicuous. Adidas is another ace Benni Magic Mike Grande. Mike Grande technology is outstanding, Raptors He lives in the shadow of Carter, to the Magic after the injury due Hill, Mike Grande became the team's "leader", the Technical indicators also soared, happy Adidas ear to ear. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Other brands: eyeing & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to the two strong Nike and Adidas, Converse, Reebok, Puma, Fila sneakers and other manufacturers are also eyeing compete for a piece of cake. Sprewell had accepted sponsor Fila, but because in December 1997 he was the head coach Kalieximo pinch neck, was eventually suspended for seven months, and Fila parted ways. Came after the Knicks, Sprewell turning a new leaf, becoming prosperous popularity, last summer he and Converse hand in hand, for their advertising Converse sneakers was born in Massachusetts in 1908, the production of basketball shoes. World world's first pair of professional basketball ALL & nbsp; STAR Converse All Star is produced. Chuck was basketball superstar? Taylor would very much like to wear Converse shoes. 1960s, the United States accounted for 90 percent of Converse basketball shoe market. "J Dr" Julius? Owen is wearing these shoes to participate in the game of basketball. His dunks smarting, Converse shoes also remain in people's memories. In the current NBA players, the Suns' Kevin? Johnson, and then pull the Knicks? Johnson, the Pacers are all wearing Converse shoes Tabak. Minnesota's Kevin Garnett wore AND1 shoes, choose to wear this shoe is not much, but there are still some players love this shoe, as the Pacers Crow Hill. Popular now are very busy Iverson and Reebok contract, Iverson reportedly completed accurately in a fast-moving shots, break, defense, thanks to Reebok shoes comfortable fit, helps the body control. Led by Iverson also some other players select Reebok. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, the player chooses shoes have a variety of reasons. Some major figure comfortable, some hope this will help to play the game, Tabak said:. "If you are not a big star, you'd better wear comfort point otherwise you get not paying the money to go to see the foot." Some players "all the money", Figure a sponsorship contract. There are a lot of players did not sign with vendors, often for the wear, as the Pacers replaced Ross from Converse, Reebok, Adidas replaced O'Neal from Nike, Reebok replaced Perkins from Puma. Adidas, Nike and other big sports shoe manufacturer fundamental purpose of using trendy words, competition for people's "eyeball", fleece, buy sell fine, packing clubs and sports stars they aim is to seize the screen advertising. Because people are keen to idols, fans worship players, and they are keen to do the same thing, of course, use the same brand.

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